Top Considerations for Purchasing Your Next Smartphone

Mobile phones in India are perhaps the highest selling electronic gadgets of all time! With a number of online mobile shopping sites giving different offers on mobile phones, these gadgets are almost everywhere, with everyone! But with an array of new devices being released in a single  year, the itch to get a new phone is never far away. However, in the hurry to buy the latest phone and to be able to ‘fit in,’ a lot of people end up making choices that they later regret. They forget the fact that not all phones are suitable for every one, regardless of the fact whether or not you can afford it.

Hence, before you resort to closing your eyes and pointing to the nearest phone on display at your local carrier store, make sure you read this article where we have put up a list of the three most important points to consider before purchasing your next smartphone!

1.    Look Before You Take the Leap
In short, research! With the availability of so many mobile phones in India, and so many offers on mobile phones to choose from, it is vital that you do your research and do it well! Go to tech blogs, read the review sections of magazines, watch youtube videos (there are quite a few of them nowadays) or simply ask a friend who has been using the device you’re eyeing at! Mobile companies will always represent their devices as the very best but even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can totally have a Samsung and be fine with it! It all comes down to what suits you the best!

2.    List Your Requirements
This is connected to the first point- make sure you know what your requirements are and list them down before you go buy the device! If you want your phone to have a good camera, make a list of the phones with good cameras and match them to your other requirements. If price is your main point of worry, it is now easy to find models of mobile phones second hand or refurbished so that can be taken care of! Just know what you want and stick to it without letting peer pressure take over you!

3.    Think about the future beforehand!
Sure, all these exciting offers on mobile phones on the online mobile shopping sites may lead you to buy a smartphone without much of a thought but don’t forget that these devices cost a lot even after the exciting offers and discounts! So make sure you get the right warranties for your phone in case you end up dropping or breaking it. It may cost a little more but it will save you a lot in the long run!

Lastly, just make sure the decision you are about to make is right for you! Investing a big chunk of money (yes, smartphones do cost A LOT these days) is an important call (get the reference?), so make sure you make the right one! Stick to the authentic and reliable online mobile shopping sites and avoid falling for traps in the name of exciting offers on mobile phones! And if you buy mobile phones second hand, make sure you are told about its problems (if it has any) and the condition it is in. Make the right choice!

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Samsung Mobiles in India

Mobile phones are probably one of the most in-demand pieces of technology ever created! It is just about impossible to live without one. And when we speak of mobile phones, there are two major brands that come into our mind. Either Apple or Samsung. These two giants have gone on to define and redefine mobile phones for us! While both these phones provide two completely different types of user experience, there are a few reasons that make Samsung the undoubted winner (Hello, Bluetooth?).

So for this article, we came up with the six main reasons why you should ditch the traditional iPhone and go the Samsung way!

The price of an iPhone ranges anywhere between 30,000-80,000 INR. The Samsung mobile phone price in India is the way lesser as compare to other mobiles or I Phone. Samsung Smartphone mobile price 10000 and less is still a possibility where the quality is not compromised in any way. So whether you pay 10000 bucks for a basic Smartphone from Samsung or 40,000 Rupees for a higher priced Galaxy range, the quality will be equally good (the features may differ based on the price, however). Apple, on the other hand, comes with one new shade for its iPhone and increases the price like it’s no big deal! 

Talking about durability and quality, even hardcore Apple lovers would accept that Samsung beats their beloved I Phones by a ton! Samsung mobile with price comes with quality that is worth the money! It is almost like you get what you pay for. The speed, the user friendliness, and the software system are just some of the few points that really make Samsung phones stand out! Additionally, Samsung mobile phone price in India ranges anywhere between 10,000 Rupees and more so the durability is something that you can really count on since you probably don’t want to be investing another chunk of money on repairs, right?

Okay, this goes against the monotony, but Samsung phones ARE INDEED more user-friendly in the terms that they do not just bind us with other Samsung products! You have access to Bluetooth, SD cards, and way more applications if you choose a Samsung India mobile instead of an Apple. Plus, the phones are generally very user-friendly in the sense that anyone from any age group can get a hold of these phones in a matter of days where it takes MONTHS (been there, done that) to understand how an overpriced iPhone works. (And by the time you understand it, they come up with a new model anyway so it is like a loop)


Android, as compare to iOS any day, is enough said by someone.
 No, but seriously, updating your software system is the same for every phone whether it is a Samsung mobile phones below 10,000 or 40,000; unlike Apple phones where you go through 500 different problems if you have an older model instead of the overpriced new ones.

2.      App Store vs. PLAY STORE
Even hardcore apple fans will not have the courage to say that the App store is in any way better than the play store. With an array of different applications (hello, freedom of choice) the Play Store is like a dream come true for all application lovers. Except being easy to navigate through and download, this store has something for almost everyone!

3.      Overall

Through the points stated above, it is more than clear that Samsung India mobile is better than Apple in many ways! But those were not the only reasons. Overall, Samsung phone have many more features (wireless charging, weather sealing and more) that make them stand out and worth every penny you pay for. However, if the price is still a little out of budget for you, refurbished Samsung phones are way easier to find on the market than Apple iPhones. And Samsung mobile with price 15,000 and less is what it costs for the refurbished models which are almost like a dream come true!

Lastly, just remember, even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can have a Samsung and be more than satisfied! So make sure you make the right choice.

Spreading Blessings and Fun with Navratri Sale and April Fool Contest #BePranku.

With the onset of Navratri, almost all of us have moved into a state of faith, belief, worship, praise, peace and tranquillity with an undercurrent of excitement of reaching out to Goddess Durga with all our heart and soul. The following 9 days are going to be filled with celebrations of the glory of Maa Durga by either singing songs or performing large Aarti’s or simply performing rituals like welcoming and worshipping little girls. At such a point, like always, Togofogo, wishes to add its own sparkles to your celebrations. And this time, it is the special Navratri Sale that will run throughout these 9 days. As a part of this sale, Togofogo, is offering an additional 10% off on all prepaid orders. These are add-ons to the already slashed prices available across the site. To make the most of this offer, simply use the coupon code NAV10 while placing the order and 10% will be deducted from all the products that you order. To ensure there is more cheer among buyers, Togofogo, will also be conducting a daily lucky draw and one winner per day will be eligible for a stylish ear phone from Defunc, the Swedish headphone giants. So, fellows, mark the dates 28th March 2017 will 5th April 2017. This is your window to own a smartphone or tablets of your choice at highly affordable prices and also stand a chance to win a peppy headphone to go with your new purchase. 

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Dilwalo Ki Toli Khele #SelfieWaliHoli

Holi hain! Remember the last time you screamed with joy, throwing the colour splash on your neighbour from your balcony, smeared your friend with all colours that you could get your hands on, and applied little gulal on uncleji’s cheek with due respect, and waited for gujia? (And uselessly hoped for more pocket money) But once you got the handful of guijia from his plate, you ran out to your friends back to the carefree way to play holi! Everyone in the street was in terror of your water balloons and your water gun. You were waiting to catch a glimpse of someone special with gulal in their hands, hoping it was for you, while humming in your heart... apne hi rang main rang de mujhko... All those are memories etched in your head. The pictures you have are the ones where you are posing nicely with friends and family with a token pichkari in your hand and someone with a tray of gulal! Brrrrrrraaah! That not even close to how you remember that holi! But then, you didn’t have a smart phone back then.
But now, you have them. You can now create the memories with real selfies of all the great stuff you did, which you later wish you hadn’t. And the selfie will remind you of that great time forever.  After all, it’s just once a year you can soak someone wet in middle of the street, paint them with all the colours of the earth, and get with it all with just ‘Holi Hain!’

This year to celebrate the craziness of the season, Togofogo bring you the contest to share your cherished memories of holi and stand a chance to win a surprise gift. Share with us your most memorable moment of holi, that you were able to capture as a selfie. Tag it with #Selfiewaliholi. Share it with us on facebook and twitter (see our facebook page and twitter handle #togofogo for more details) and we will reward the best selfie with an amazing surprise gift. Holi is never celebrated alone. So there won’t be only one prize! We are giving away two prizes. Yes, two surprise gifts for the selfies of two best, craziest, funniest and cutest holi moments of your lives. You can post only one entry per person, so remember to share you best selfie. Let it show your craziest side. And remember to share them between 12th March and 14th March only, or else your selfie may not be eligible for the surprise gift.

Keep watching the Togofogo facebook and twitter page. Because that is where the winners will be announced. And don’t forget to share and tag togofogo in your comments. Till then go out with colours in your hand and your partners in crime by your side while humming...Saat rang main khel rahi hian....

Celebrating Womanhood -The Togofogo Way!

Women are the best creation of God and there is no denying that fact. As, the world celebrates Woman’s Day on the 8th of March, we at Togofogo, also want to make a mark in this celebration of beauty, intelligence, strength and poise called “Woman”. Togofogo, is proud to launch its special Woman’s Day Sale which starts on 7th March and is only applicable till midnight 8th of March 2017.

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And yes, it’s not just for those smart, dynamic, versatile, lovely women. It’s a great offer for all you men out there. C’mon, make your mom, your sister, your friend, your girlfriend, your wife or your daughter feel really special this women’s day. Buy them a smart phone or an even smarter accessory to go with their phones, mobiles, laptops or tablets and gift them something they will cherish for long. It’s your turn to appreciate their effort and presence in your life. It’s your turn to say those “Thanks You” ‘s and “Love you” ‘s. Make it more exciting and show them that you really mean it. It couldn’t get any better than this. So, wait not. Just pick her favorite phone or earphone or laptop or tablet and get them at unbelievably exciting prices on 7th and 8th of March. The Woman’s Day sale ends by midnight 8th March so rush and grab these mind- boggling deals. Of course, do not forget to pre-pay your order for that additional 10% discount that can make a lot of difference to your deal!

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Best Games For Your Windows Mobile Phone

So you just bought a brand new windows mobile phone (or maybe a refurbished one because you shop smart) and now you need to fill it up with games because you are a mature adult! Seriously though, who doesn’t like some good games for free?! But more often than not, free games are just terrible and the good games are unfortunately not free. But worry not because we have your back in finding some of the best possible games for your windows mobile phone. Check out the list below!

1.      Threes!
It is a shocker that this game is free given that it is such an amazing catch. Although a comparatively brainy game (at least we can pretend to be adults right?), it will keep you hooked for hours straight! It challenges you to constantly add matching and compatible tiles as the screen fills up with every move. You have to get a certain number before the box fills up or you are out!

2.      Angry Birds Space
Although not as popular anymore, this game was once on the top of every ‘best game’ list ever. And it is no shocker given that it has been, and will always be one of the most entertaining games available in the app store till date! So take a walk down memory lane while shooting some very angry birds on the go!

3.      Snake Rewind
Let’s continue taking a walk down memory lane with another ever green game right on your windows mobile phones! It rose to popularity first through the basic Nokia phones and has been super popular with both adults and kids since then! And finally, it is back with a bang with the player’s mission being to feed every fruit piece to the snake without killing it!

4.      Subway Surfers
This is a classic you just cannot go wrong with. If you want to feel like a superhero while saving yourself from the angry policeman and his dog by jumping over trains, swapping lanes and having fun, this game is for you! The speed at which this game runs gives it a distinctive edge to an extent that you will be hooked in minutes, literally!

5.      Candy Crush Saga
This is not even a game, it is like a phenomenon nowadays. Everyone has it! However, do not be deceived by its looks because this game starts off as a very simple one and becomes harder as you go one level up. This ‘three matcher’ game may look like a child’s play but it will grab you with it’s tricky stages, viciously placed fruit pieces and running time! The trick is to stay calm and match three pieces of the same fruit (or more for bonus pints!)

6. Wordament
Another smart people’s game, if you ace this one, you can officially claim to be a lord of words! Seriously though, download this game to increase your vocabulary right through your windows mobile phone! You can even challenge your friends for friendly competitions and compete with them to find the most number of words while having fun and increasing your knowledge!